The Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor


Awareness 4, Coordination 5, Ingenuity 9, Presence 4, Resolve 5, Strength 3

Athletics 4, Convince 4, Craft 2, Fighting 2, Knowledge 6, Marksman 2, Medicine 3, Science 5, Subterfuge 3, Survival 3, Technology 5, Transport 4

Boffin, Brave, Charming, Feel the Turn of the Universe, Friends (Major), Indomitable, Keen Senses (Major), Photographic Memory, Quick Reflexes, Psychic, Run for Your Life!, Technically Adept, Time Lord, Experienced Time Lord (10x), Time Traveler (All), Vortex

Adversary (Major), Code of Conduct, Distinctive, Eccentric, Impulsive, Insatiable Curiosity, Obession (Minor)

Sonic Screwdriver
Psychic Paper
Remodelled TARDIS

Technology Level – 10
Story Point – 8


The 11th incarnation of the Doctor is part mad-scientist and part schoolboy, with the mind of a genius wrapped in the body of a nerdy university undergraduate. He is gloriously mad-cap and very rarely looks before he leaps, preferring to make his plans up on the fly and jumping into the abyss beyond.

The Doctor

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